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It is obvious that respect for human life is lacking in great parts of the Middle East. My heart cries for the peoiple of Syria. They are in a damned if you do, damned if you don't-situation. The current regime uses horrible violence against its citizens, and the opposition has used terror bombs, and also christians are forced from their homes in cities like Homs.

And just now we saw the deadliest attack on jews in Europe in a very long time, simply because they were israelis. Purely civilians killed on vacation. Because of their ethnicity and citizenship. About half of the people killed were other nationalities. But that doesn't matter, innocent people were killed. Israel was quick to blame both the palestinians and Iran. I don't think it is palestnians, they have nothing to win on this, absolutely nothing. I think it is a smokescreen to avoid attention on the massacres of Syria. And probably it is Hezbollah. But none has claimed responsibility. I truly hope this will not make a new war, both libanese and israelis have been through enough. It is a shock to see jews targeted like this again, in Europe.

I wish atll the hatred would end, that people could respect each other, regardless of religion, nationality and ethnicity. The people of the middle East, Jews, christians and muslims, have suffered enough. This is a sad day for all, and the potential in this situation is great on the negative. I think we should pray for calmness and reason on all parts



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